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alpine [al-pahyn] adjective 1. of mountain   2. very high, elevated.
dog [dawg ; dog] noun 1. a person or youth with passion or intensity

alpine dog brings fresh brews to denver

Alpine Dog is a term coined by Coloradans. While we do love our dogs, this term goes deeper than that. It is a reflection of the people. In Colorado we love our mountains. It's where we go to play; it's where we go to exercise, relax, make friends and have fun getting away. Whether its mountain biking, snowboarding, hiking 14ers, or just enjoying a brew and a view: we are the Alpine Dogs because of our passion for the high country.

At the brewery, we strive to extend that passion to our beer. We want to be sure to share our passion with all the folks who believe a great beer is the perfect complement to life in our great state and beyond. We maintain the adventurous, independent spirit in life and brewing with big unique beers, an affinity for hops, Belgian style ales and an uncompromising attitude about settling for nothing but the best beer possible.



Beer brewing dates to almost 6000 BC. However, it was the Sumerians around 2000 BC who really loved the stuff. Their plaques and carvings often center on people or gods drinking from large jars of beer. A hymn to one of their most important goddesses, Ninkasi, is actually a very detailed explanation of how to make beer; this was helpful in a society that was almost entirely illiterate. That’s some dedication.


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